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The art of illusion is a form of stage magic that involves large physical effects such as making a person appear/ vanish, sawing a lady in half, levitating a person in the air, or making large objects appear out of nowhere.

This is the grandest form of magic and is performed on large stages with the technical support of music, lighting and dance for a truly spectacular show.

An illusion show can be performed for audiences of thousands of people due to the large props and large-scale effects presented.
Magicians in this category:
Magic of Joe Yu: Magic with rabbits and doves

  Joe Yu

Children Magic
Family Day
Corporate Event
Stage Magic

The Magic of Joe Yu - A multi award winning (International & local accolades) professional magician.

The very FIRST & ORIGINAL creator of LIVE ANIMALS magic & illusion show in Singapore since year 2001.

This dazzling array of award winning magical entertainment features amazing well trained birds and many more!


  Mr Bottle

House Party / Stand Up
Want a show that the children and adults will enjoy?

Mr Bottle's Imagine Magic Show will bring the audience on a journey of magic and mystery with his illusions, stretching beyond everyone's imagination!

Laughter guaranteed!


  Ice (Overseas Magician)

Stand-Up Magic
Walkaround Magic
Corporate Shows
Shopping Mall Shows

An international award-winning Entertainer, "ICE"McDonald has established a stellar performance reputation with his grand illusions including doves disappearing through impossibly small objects, and the spectacular appearance out of thin air of his Mighty Macaw.


Mr Bottle's Kidsparty is a one-stop Premium Entertainment Company for children based events and parties.
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