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Professional Birthday Party entertainers are experts at entertaining and performing for kids. They will often offer custom-designed birthday party packages that may include games/ activities, shows, decorations and goody bags.

Their shows are designed to play in typical birthday party venues such as homes, function rooms or restaurants without the need for a stage or a large performance space.
Magicians in this category:
  Mr Bottle's Kidsparty

Magic Shows
Balloon Sculpturing
Educational Workshops
Theme Parties
Mr Bottle's Kidsparty specialises in providing themed entertainment for children.

  Mr Bottle

House Party
Full Party Planning Services
Want your child to have an unforgettable experience on his/her birthday?

Take a look at Mr. Bottle's most popular magic show, the Birthday Magic Show.


  Professor Messy

School Shows
Birthday Parties
Office Parties
Family Days

Want an educational, unique and fun show?

It's all possible with Professor Messy's Science Magic Show.


Magic of Joe Yu: Magic with rabbits and doves

  Joe Yu

Children Magic
Family Day
Corporate Event
Stage Magic

The Magic of Joe Yu - A multi award winning (International & local accolades) professional magician.

The very FIRST & ORIGINAL creator of LIVE ANIMALS magic & illusion show in Singapore since year 2001.

This dazzling array of award winning magical entertainment features amazing well trained birds and many more!



magic School Shows
magic Birthday Parties
magic Office Parties
magic Family Days
magic RC & CC Shows

Adventure magic show is a mysterious and fun magic show in which Marco the great explorer will relate his exploration trip to the kids. But be careful, because strange and funny things will happen as he brings the children on the imaginary journey!


  Edmund Khong

Edmund Khong performs as Captain Dazzle and Bubbles the Clown.

A professional who has studied the art of clowning in USA and Japan under world-famous mentors, Edmund has set himself apart as a unique performer and conjures his own brand of children's entertainment!

   Jason Tan aka Parry Hotter

Kid’s magic show
School shows
Family Day

Meet Jason aka Parry Hotter and his whacky puppet companion, Dusty, as they perform entertaining and educational magic shows to children of all ages. Jason is an accomplished magician and entertainer since 2000 and has been performing with a goal to entertain and educate children through his magic performances.


Mr Bottle's Kidsparty is a one-stop Premium Entertainment Company for children based events and parties.
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