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Mr. Invulnerable is probably the only entertainer performing this unique stunt show in Asia. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, he was the consultant of many Mediacorp dramas and advertisements involving fire and other unique stunts. His list of clients include many big companies and organisations like POSB, Singapore Swimming club and NTUC. Due to the amount of energy needed to perform these amazing stunts, he can do these acts only once a day so book them fast before the slots run out!

Acts include:
1) Fire eating – Mr. Invulnerable is the first and only fire eater to be featured on TV on all 4 local channels. One of the best in Singapore, he is the person to go to when someone needs a fire-eater

2) The Human Chopping Board - Taking a sharp chopper and using Mr. Invulnerable’s stomach as a chopping board, audience will take part in chopping the vegetables and while he takes blows
against my chest.

3) Touching red hot metal – A metal chain is heated to red hot. This is further proven that it can even burn paper to char. He will grab and rub the hands across the chain while his hands don’t suffer any harm. Something that you don’t want to try at home! .

4) Breaking chopsticks on throat – Using ‘Qi’ and his throat, a Chopstick, placed against the throat, is forced to break. Something that is difficult even with your hands!

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