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It's Science! It's Cool! It's Prof Messy!

Want something different and unique for your parties or events?

A first in Singapore, Professor Messy will demonstrate science principles, with magical and fun results.

The children will be fascinated with the wonderful world of science interlaced with magic, yet the fun and laughter never stops! Science has never been so entertaining! We have kids saying, 'oh no, I hate Science' before the show starts, to saying, 'I love Science'!

All your guests will be enthralled by the special event you organised for them!

All the children can participate actively too in the show, even the adults will enjoy themselves. Imagine all the guests thanking you for putting together such a wonderful event!

“The kids had a fantastic time and enjoyed Prof Messy's show a lot.... Something different!”

– Samantha --

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  Tel : +65 6515-5921
  Mobile : +65 9739-7503
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