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Adventure magic show is a mysterious and fun magic show in which Marco the great explorer will relate his exploration trip to the kids. But be careful, because strange and funny things will happen as he brings the children on the imaginary journey!

This show is specially programmed for the curious and inquisitive children yet interesting and mysterious for the adults.

The journey includes:

The ‘Thing’ – Marco just found a treasure chest in the magical Maya Kingdom. Should he open it? What strange things will follow if he opens it.

Rope Lesson – Marco gives the kids a tip or two on how to use ropes during their own explorations… but with humourous results!

Grandpa’s Treasure Map – Marco relates what got him started in the exploration by showing pieces of map to the children.

Magic Compass – Does this magic compass really points to the treasure? Kids will point Marco in the ‘right’ direction!

More info on Marco:
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