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  Magic of Joe Yu: Magic with rabbits and doves

  Joe Yu


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The Magic of Joe Yu - A multi award winning (International & local accolades) professional magician.

The very FIRST & ORIGINAL creator of LIVE ANIMALS magic & illusion show in Singapore since year 2001.

This dazzling array of award winning magical entertainment features amazing well trained birds, grand champion & show breed rabbits, LED light illusion, fire effects, special FX effects, bubbles, flashy costumes, tons of hilarious with modern high technology props, animatronic effects, grand illusions, custom music with sound system & theatrical LED/cartoon 3D backdrops provide a great photo-taking session with all the cute animals!

The Magic of Joe Yu was the FIRST in the world to add the unbelievable magical animatronic talking little tree into their animal magic act! The ONLY one in Singapore & just a few units on this planet, this is bound to truly amaze people of ALL ages!

A magic & illusion show with a HUGE difference! As Joe Yu takes his audience (young & old) on a magical journey of wonder, mystery, drama & adventure!

Giving you Broadway & Las Vegas magic show standard, right here in the sunny island of Singapore!

This show has been seen by many local & international celebrities, as well as countless audience around the world! A show not to be missed! Surely you must watch it too!

Professional, Reliable, Reasonably Priced.

100% Money Back Guarantee - The Best, Most Powerful & Elaborate, Multi-Award winning LIVE Animals Magic Show in Singapore!

P..S- All the cute animals used in the magic performances are approved, certified and licensed by the Singapore AVA.

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For more info, please contact Joe Yu at the following:
  Tel : +65 6345-9377
  Mobile : +65 9769-5857
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