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Magician, Fakir, Escape Artist, Trainer, he is Diego.

Hail all the way from Argentina, Extreme Artist, Diego has travelled all over the world to more than 20 countries, like China, Italy, Norway and Singapore, to demonstrate his extreme escapes and magic.

He had been invited to perform for the 'International Magic Festival' at Happy Valley Shanghai (2016), 'The Hell Circus' Argentina (2015), 'Shenzhen Magic Festival' China (2014) and 'The Genting International Festival' Malaysia (2014).

He was featured in many televisions specials and news reports because of his amazing stunts like the impossible ferris wheel escape at Happy Valley Park Chengdu (2015).

Upside down strait jacket escapes, underwater escapes, Russian roulette, anything is possible with Diego. He can customise escapes to include your brand and venue to achieve the maximum publicity for your event!

In his corporate training, Diego teaches participants to get over their fear of change with his experiential activities like walking on glass!

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